Instructor of Record

  • Introduction to Political Research (PS 230), 2021
  • Introduction to Political Science (PS 100), 2020, online

Methods Teaching Assistant

  • Statistical Inference and Adjustment (PS 531), 2022, graduate level
  • Introduction to Applied Statistics in Political Science (PS 530), 2021, graduate level
  • Quantitative Analysis in Political Science (PS 532), 2021, graduate level
  • Senior Honours Seminar (PS 495), 2021-22

Teaching Assistant

  • Introduction to Political Research (PS 230), 2019
  • Introduction to International Relations (PS 280), 2017


  • Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program, 2021
  • Departmental program for first-year Ph.D students, 2018-2021
  • Doctoral Research Support Program, 2021

What some of my past students said:

Without a doubt, Lucie Lu was one of the best method preceptors I have ever experienced. She actively checked in with students whether there are any issues with the learning process, rather than waiting for students to reach out to her.  Furthermore, regardless of her appointed duties, she never hesitated to meet and help students even on weekends and breaks. Her dedication was the best by far I have seen. Also, Lucie is an instructor who knows effective ways to deliver knowledge. Sometimes, she made a kind walk-through video so that everyone can learn at their own pace, and sometimes she sets up review sessions for students who were left behind. Watching Lucie provides appropriate ways to help students, I was able to see how considerate she was and how much she contemplates the class. Not only helped students with her knowledge, but she also helped us with kind encouragement. Her ability to form a rapport with students was amazing. Thus, I would strongly say that having Lucie as a method preceptor was the crucial element for me to finish the course.  

First-year Ph.D. Student

Lucie has been one of the most helpful and engaged teachers I have met in all my years of undergrad. She always made the time to help me and made me feel like she truly cared about my success. I would not have been able to work through my senior thesis or learn coding software if it wasn’t for her consistent dedication to her students and amazing help.”

Senior Student

Lucie was incredibly helpful when it came to the research process. Having no experience using R before this year, Lucie was understanding and was an excellent guide as I felt completely overwhelmed by this new coding language. Whether it was planned or not, when I would step into office hours Lucie made the time to help me with all of my questions and would always send a great follow-up email providing useful links to the problems I was experiencing.

Senior Student

Lucie was an incredible methods TA! What I loved most in working with her was how clearly she
explained the statistical analysis process and rationalized each step, helping me understand not only
what we were going to do but also why. Lucie was instrumental in moving my thesis out of a rut when I
was overwhelmed by my data and did not know how to proceed.

Senior Student

I felt so lucky to have you as Methods TA, especially in the first semester. I had almost zero experience working with R, although I took a quant class back in undergrad, it was so different from the one we learned in the class. You not only helped us, especially me, interpret the question and the coding, but also the logic behind the coding; why we do what we do. You also taught me some tricks in R, how to make peace with the errors, and above all, may you didn’t notice, but you also care about us as the first year. Honestly, I don’t think I could pass quant 1 without your assistance.

First-year Ph.D. Student